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leaf notes: Trowl character bio

Trowl is a fluffy, angry, dome shaped creature. He is somehow descended from the fluff between Gordon (“The Creator”)’s toes, and probably some kind of flightless owl. He has an odd beak-like mouth and walks on two feet which are actually a lot more like hands. Nobody is really sure what else is under all that fluff. He is not the only one of his kind as Figbert is but part of a strange little group who all have a very similar demeanor to him. They can often be found huddled together in trees scowling at things. Trowl is mean-spirited, bitter and rude, but secretly he would also quite like to see what’s on the surface, which is one reason why he often follows Figbert around so much. Aside from that, or if he can’t find Figbert, he spends his time looking for food, mostly small insects. He is surprisingly fast and agile, and able to jump high, which is how he’s able to get up trees. He is mostly active during the night.

While Trowl doesn’t have much interaction with Mandelbert, who doesn’t really have time for things like that, if he looked close enough he might realise one day that Mandelbert’s cape looks a bit like one of his missing family members.


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