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ghostman postman

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ghostman postman was a personal project made in 2018. It's a silly short story about a postman who hasn't let death get in the way of his rounds, presented in rather garish flat colours, but I had great fun working in this isometric style.


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Comet is a mixed media music video I created for my final year honours project at Futureworks, winning the award for Best Piece of Work in my class.

The music was created especially by my friend Philip Davison for the project.




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In 2018, me and my friend Philip Davison took part in Anijam UK, where we had 48 hours to make an animation. The theme was "Together" and we had to incorporate something about the city we lived in, which in our case was lovely, rainy Manchester. 

We didn't win anything but I'm really proud of what we achieved as a team of just two people, with me as the only animator and Phil creating great original music and taking care of all the sound.



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