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leaf notes: Figbert character bio

This is a character bio I've written for Figbert, the "main character" in most of the stories I've planned. It was never really written to be shared, at least not in its current state, but what the heck. I started writing this and some other bios/forest info mostly for my partner who took an interest in writing some of his stories set in the forest, but I think it will be nice to leave here as well. Also I have more than a little paranoia about losing all of my digital documents and having no record that the Squashed Forest ever existed.

Figbert is a bipedal creature sprouted from a ground fig. We learn in “Nuts” that he was created in Mandelbert’s garden when a random potion was spilled onto a growing fig, and the only one of his kind. While referred to as a “he”, this is only really because “it” sounds a bit rude (This is relevant to most creatures in the forest). He technically belongs to the fruit family so does not really have a sex or gender in the way we do, and exudes fairly neutral characteristics, but tips more towards the “masculine”.

Personality wise he is naive, sensitive, and curious. He is friendly to most other creatures he meets in the forest, whether he knows them or not, but is also passionate about leaving the forest to see what’s on the surface. He is quite happy to spend his days wandering through the forest, which he knows very well as it is not a big place, and can spend hours daydreaming about various things, but when he is really focused he can be found working on some kind of scheme to get out. However, if he ever did get to the surface, he knows that he would probably return to the forest after a bit of a look around.

He spent his very early days in the care of Mandelbert, who felt he was too fragile and curious to be left on his own, and so he sees Mandelbert as a mentor or father figure. This has led him to follow in his footsteps somewhat and aspire to be a wizard, although he is not very adept at magic, mostly due to his inability to concentrate. Aside from Mandelbert’s occasional lessons in basic life or magic skills, Figbert is mostly self taught, so he has his own ideas about how things work and will sometimes make up words or rename things to his own liking.

He is most active during the day (sun-pass) or night (moon-pass), and tends to sleep during much of the long twilight hours.

While he does have a particular tree stump where he often dwells and keeps a few hidden treasures, he will nap anywhere in the forest that seems comfortable when he is tired, or if another creature is using his stump at the time. It sounds like a bit of a hippy free-for-all down there if you ask me.

Figbert is in love with a particular rock he found in a pool of water, which flowers in the moonlight. The moon-flower cannot communicate verbally but understands Figbert and responds appropriately with movement.

Figbert’s main antagonist is Trowl, who takes great delight in teasing and bothering him for no real reason besides boredom.


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