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leaf notes: day and night

A short description of day and night cycles in the forest.

While the planet on which the Squashed Forest lies has a moon and sun cycle very similar to Earth, down in the forest they experience it a bit differently due to their smaller aperture. There are short windows each day known as sun-pass and moon-pass, which is the time where the relevant celestial body is passing directly overhead, filling the forest with either a warm glow (sun) or a cool silver (moon) light. All of the time between these is twilight, however there is a noticeable difference in the behaviour of creatures and plants during day-twilight (the twilight around sun-pass) and night-twilight (the twilight surrounding moon-pass). Most things survive quite happily in the half-light, developing very good eyesight or mild phosphorescence, as if they lived in a deep ocean.


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